Friday, February 22, 2008


Well the weekend is here and I am thrilled. Even with the amount of snow we got last night that made the first half of the day a mess to contend with. I am just happy it is the end of the week and I actually don't feel totally horrible. Which after the last few weeks is a huge plus. Though I am nervous that I will get sick all over again. I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

So the debate last night didn't have any real fireworks. Which was a little disappointing but it was still informative. Though I think Obama has it pretty well sewn up.

And finally what you all really care about a pin up of Adam Zero. This one is one of my personal fav's from marvelous Mark Torres who is doing a later issue of Adam Zero. And whom I am trying to get to do a little more then that. He has a great style and is just a wonderful artist. And as a treat it also has Kitana in it.....WOOHOO!