Friday, February 01, 2008

Rainy Day

It is coming down like a monsoon outside right now. It's one fo those days where you are really unsure what time it is because when you look around it is already dark even though its only noon. But anyway I am doing some rewrites and also trying to get some other stuff done. And really not doing a good job either way. Just one of those days I suppose.

I hit up my LCS yesterday and picked up a good stack. Was able to read through a bunch of course the two I was most interested in were Fist of Justice #1 and Superpowers #0. Foj came out very good and I really liked the artwork and Mike did a nice job with the story. Superpowers is more of a lead in to the series and I loved the artwork, though I was a little iffy with the amount of "magic" used int he story. there seems to be alot of magic going on these days in comics and not in a good way. I hope this is explained better as they get into things with the golden age heroes.

Watched the debates last night and felt they both came off better for it. The night before there was just to much vitirol between the candidates. We get it you guys don't like each other now shut up and tell us why we're better off with you then someone else. Well anyway.

Finished all the prespress for Issue 2. Both stories are ready to go and I also have two pin-ups for the issue. Now I am working on a little piece about my gramps and Adam Zero creator for the book. A little run down of the history of the character if you will. That should be fun and interesting. Till next time.


Wintra said...

Interested in reading your piece on gramps. I ordered Adam Zero and can't wait to get it. Marshal Tyme also caught my interest.

Heard you may be doing a signing. Do keep us posted!

Great website!