Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The inked version of the very cool DeAndre' Truesdale pin-up of Adam Zero. Just something about this one I love. This one will have a very special place when I use it.

Issue 2 is all sewn up and ready for primetime. I'll let you all know when it hits. I have also been looking at e-books lately and may start to sell some that way as well. If I decide to go that route you can be sure I'll post about it.

Well last night while the wife watched AI I decided to get some stuff but wound up sitting down and watching The Shadow with Alec Baldwin. Now I seem to remember going to the movies to see this and either walking out or being more involved with whomever I was with. but either way I didn't miss much. While crammed with references to the pulps and the radio show the movie set a very campy tone and was almost unbearable. I mean come on Mongol warriors walking around NYC and know one even bothers to notice! Alec Baldwin was servicable as Lamont Cranston, but why all the odd makeup to distort his face. Just so you could get close to the look of the pulp covers. His voice was perfect and in some scenes he was very good but nothing could prop up an all over the place script and just plan odd direction. It's a shame as The Shadow is the true precursor to Batman and really could be a great character on the big screen. Supposedly Sam Raimi has the rights now so perhaps we'll finally get a good Shadow movie, afterall Darkman is just a huge rip off of the Shadow. One can only hope.