Thursday, November 27, 2008


It is Thanksgiving in the good old USA. No offense to my crazy canuck friends who did this dance last month. But it is that time of year again, when family and friends gather and "enjoy" one anothers company. I must admit I am blessed with an abundance of friends and family. Some whom I see everyday and others who I only get to see from time to time. So for all those I didn't get to see or talk with today Happy Turkey day. And for those I did get to spend time with, thanks for not killing one another for at least one more year.

The turkey is all but gone and the games are almost done for the day and my lovely daughter is falling fast asleep to a reading of The Night Before Christmas. It was a good day of family fun and great food. On nights like these I miss absent friends most of all. I hope they are well and happy. And for those long gone, I hope they are at peace. Have a great holiday everyone and be careful out there.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Doctor Who?

It appears the betting on the new Doctor Who has reached it's apex with both Den of Geek and CBR saying that the new Doctor will be Patterson Joseph. Interesting choice, just hope the writing is up to what fans are expecting from new head writer Stephen Moffet.

Broccoli Books Folds

Another manga publisher going down. I do think this has to do with the economy but I also believe the market got bloated for awhile and this is necessary step to trim it down and make manga and graphic novels a permanent part of the establishment in the major book chains. Anyway check out the article.


It's almost Turkey day folks. I am trying to set up mobile blogging because I will be away for a few days. Have to visit the family with stops at the In-Laws and dad's. WOOHOO! Family time.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Battle of the attic part 2

So yesterday between watching wall e and flipping over to the Giants game I decided to put some more stuff into the attic. I had pulled out a bunch of Christmas decorations on Saturday as I was putting the lights on the house. And I wanted to get everything away and make some room for the boxes of ornaments I will be putting up there next week after we put up the tree.

Well I pull down the stairs and get walloped by an arctic frigging wind that seemed to be waiting just for me. I mean god, I thought I might lose my eyebrows to frostbite from the cold. Pushing through the chill I made my way up and turned on the light. As I started moving stuff around I decided that the best thing to do would be to move a series of plastic bins to the other side of the attic. I get through the three bins in short order and am happy to think I'll be getting out of the freezing cold attic shortly. Well what I failed to realize was when we put the plywood in we seemed to forget to nail down the very edge I had been lifting the bins off of. So I of course caught my foot on it fell forward and whacked my head off one of the many attic beams. I yelled out an expletive that I won't be repeating and I stood rubbing my head. I heard my daughter yell up to me and say "Daddy that's not a nice word!"

I swear this attic is out to get me!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rocket Ship

So what does one do on a Saturday night? Well if your me and your daughter has been asking for a rocket ship for a week now. You go to the craft store and make one for her. Now of course I could have just bought her one of the ones they sell there. Heck they even blast off. But I think she would enjoy that for about two minutes and then be done with it. So we went and picked up a bunch of gear at the store and away we went.

Problem was they didn't have a good cylinder to use at the craft store so we had to improvise. I found a wine case that fit the cone I was using for the top of the ship and figured I could use that. Then I got some felt with and adhesive backing in red at her request. And a bunch of foam pieces as well as ribbon for flames shooting out the bottom. All in all in took about and hour to cut everything up and make it serviceable. Had to improvise as the felt didn't hold well to the Styrofoam cone. So I used electrical tape to keep it in place. Which she loved and we decided to use along the cone for cool stripes. She glued pieces of foam all over the body of the ship and I cut fins out of the felt. And in the end we wound up with this.

Which by the way she loves and didn't want to stop playing with even as she was falling asleep. A fun time with your kid all for about ten bucks. A good Saturday night!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Now this is funny

The battle of the attic

As many of you know I bought a house recently and that tale alone is a long and twisted one. But now it has a new wrinkle. When we bought the house I understood that we had a decent size attic. Which I fully intended to use as we need the storage space, me being a collector of masses of useless items. The only issue at the time was that we had just scuttle access. Which anyone with boxes full of things knows just doesn't work, go ahead try and shove a box over your head while standing on a step stool and also getting it through a tiny hole at the same time. It ain't happening. So in the process of our heat conversion I was able to get attic stairs put in, which to this day I am thrilled about. Now of course I lost some space to the new furnace but nothing that would kill me.

I have recently begun the unenviable task of moving things into the attic. And it is has turned into a full blown war of me versus this cold and dark place. First we had to put in plywood to make sure I didn't fall through into the ceilings below. Then it was removing some of the insulation as it was overloaded. And now it is trying to configure what now seems to be to the most insanely put together space in my lifetime. Beams reach from here to there threatening my skull at ever turn, as my bruised noggin can attest. Plywood creaks under the strain of newly placed boxes. While also trying to configure some method where I won't have to move everything all over again when I need it, such as holiday decorations.

Then of course there is my love affair with books. Which maybe my mistress but are a pain in the ass to store. I keep telling myself I should donate them or otherwise dispose of them. But I keep hedging on it at every turn. And of course all my reference materials need to be close enough to my new stairs so that I don't have to dig to get to them. I know, I know just use the Internet. But now and again I do need to look in an actually book to be sure I am not incorrectly stating the time lines of the Roman emperors are some other such thing.

And it seems to me that at every turn this room finds ways to vex me. Be it bumping my head or almost falling through the ceiling or finding I can't stock boxes a certain way because it makes it impossible to get to another set of boxes. I keep fighting the battle but am now under the impression the battle will never cease. And in the end the damn attic will probably win.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Check it out

Be sure to check out the latest family offering.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Issue 4 update

Issue 4 will be off to the printer shortly. I'll let you know when it hits!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Adam Zero Reminder

Just a reminder to pick up the latest issue of Adam Zero at Indyplanet.

Star Trek bootleg

This won't last long check out the video while you can.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Conan......that might have been

Some Character designs for a never realized Conan cartoon by Bruce Timm. Talk about what might have been.

Monday, November 03, 2008


Lets see if this animated gif shows up......darn, well check it out here.

Vacation time

Alright I'm off for the next two weeks. Which means I will either be posting everyday or not at all. I have a bunch of things planned during this time. Not the least of which is finishing up some Adam Zero scripts and some lettering gigs. I figure tomorrow is pretty much a wash as I am going to the polls early to try and miss the lines. And then it is checking coverage all day for my final election fix.