Monday, November 24, 2008

Battle of the attic part 2

So yesterday between watching wall e and flipping over to the Giants game I decided to put some more stuff into the attic. I had pulled out a bunch of Christmas decorations on Saturday as I was putting the lights on the house. And I wanted to get everything away and make some room for the boxes of ornaments I will be putting up there next week after we put up the tree.

Well I pull down the stairs and get walloped by an arctic frigging wind that seemed to be waiting just for me. I mean god, I thought I might lose my eyebrows to frostbite from the cold. Pushing through the chill I made my way up and turned on the light. As I started moving stuff around I decided that the best thing to do would be to move a series of plastic bins to the other side of the attic. I get through the three bins in short order and am happy to think I'll be getting out of the freezing cold attic shortly. Well what I failed to realize was when we put the plywood in we seemed to forget to nail down the very edge I had been lifting the bins off of. So I of course caught my foot on it fell forward and whacked my head off one of the many attic beams. I yelled out an expletive that I won't be repeating and I stood rubbing my head. I heard my daughter yell up to me and say "Daddy that's not a nice word!"

I swear this attic is out to get me!