Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rocket Ship

So what does one do on a Saturday night? Well if your me and your daughter has been asking for a rocket ship for a week now. You go to the craft store and make one for her. Now of course I could have just bought her one of the ones they sell there. Heck they even blast off. But I think she would enjoy that for about two minutes and then be done with it. So we went and picked up a bunch of gear at the store and away we went.

Problem was they didn't have a good cylinder to use at the craft store so we had to improvise. I found a wine case that fit the cone I was using for the top of the ship and figured I could use that. Then I got some felt with and adhesive backing in red at her request. And a bunch of foam pieces as well as ribbon for flames shooting out the bottom. All in all in took about and hour to cut everything up and make it serviceable. Had to improvise as the felt didn't hold well to the Styrofoam cone. So I used electrical tape to keep it in place. Which she loved and we decided to use along the cone for cool stripes. She glued pieces of foam all over the body of the ship and I cut fins out of the felt. And in the end we wound up with this.

Which by the way she loves and didn't want to stop playing with even as she was falling asleep. A fun time with your kid all for about ten bucks. A good Saturday night!