Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Marshal Tyme pages

Here is some new artwork for a Marshal Tyme backup story from Adam Zero issue #3. This drawn by Eran Aviana who has done a great job capturing the look of the old west. I fully intend to collect all the Marshal Tyme backups in a trade paperback one of these days. He is a character i really just enjoy playing around with and is alot of fun to write. I do have some longterm plans for him and maybe even a limited series somewhere down the line. He'll most likely be taking a break from backup chores after issue 3 or 4 to make room for some other characters.

Creed the Hunter should be getting a backup. As well as a pulp inspired character and even possibly a superhero. I have concept work done on both of them as well as stories written for both just waiting to find the right artist to realize them.

Still also working on the super secret project and Spy Killer with Marcelo. Issue one is coming along great and I have most of issue 2 written and will send it to him soon. And I've been talking to a fellow Roninite about a crossover that could be very cool.