Tuesday, April 15, 2008

He's back.....

Creed the Hunter will be making his return to the pages of Adam Zero. So just what has one of the galaxies baddest men been up to since being blown into outer space? You'll just have to check out upcoming issues of Adam Zero to find out. Issue 3 is just about done on the lettering front and some minor edits. And Issue 4 is moving along nicely, it should be off to the colorist this week. Future issues are already colored and awaiting lettering and others are in various stages of completion. Including the very cool issue Kong is working on. Which I think will wind up being issue 8 from the looks of things. But that could change depending on the schedule.
Also trying to work out the backups for each issue. And there might be a few who wind up with no backups. Though I hope to avoid that. Marshal Tyme should have a backup in Issue 3 and perhaps issue 4 but that is up in the air at the moment.
Working on the scripts for the second arc. Doing some edits and finishing off the story. Which should be followed by either a stand alone or perhaps a two off arc. Before we get started on bigger things and some introductions for new characters. As always i'll keep you updated.