Sunday, October 26, 2008


I'm going through all my old things trying to find some character sketches for and artist. And what do I come across but my old sketchbooks. These are from before I turned all my attention to writing and considered myself and artist. And I mean that in the loosest term possible. Anyway I was flipping through the pages and was pleasantly surprised to see some old ideas that I had tucked away in them. Now of course I'll be mining these old ideas in some way or another eventually. At least that is the hope. But what I did find interesting was being able to go back and see just how much I use to draw. I have a sketch in there for almost every person I use to hang out with. Some of whom I can't even remember their names anymore. But chances are if we hung out I sketched you and even more so for girls I dated. I probably have more sketches of girls then anything including a few I remember drawing rather vividly. Nothing in my opinion worked better in getting a girl to lose her inhibitions then asking her to pose for me to sketch. So thank you to all the ladies out there who posed for me at one time or another. Just makes me think......I should start drawing again.