Sunday, September 21, 2008

Playing catch up

After being sick for the better part of a week, I'm finally getting back to normal. Thanks for all the kind words and for the congrats on getting the latest issue out. Truth is I had the files done awhile ago and have been waiting for the printer to finish a few things up. But all is well and ready to go now.

Currently working on the finishing touches of Issue 4 including the new backup feature of "Who is The Black Heron?" Also finished some editing on a story I've got coming out in an upcoming anthology.

So took the kid shopping for her Halloween costume. Trust me you have to go early if you don't want your daughter dressed like some Britney Spears reject. And much to her mothers horror and my great pride she chose all on her own Spider-Man. Now everyone is telling her she is going to be Spider-Girl to which she angrily replies "NO, Spider-Man!" It really cracks me up.

By the way she did the Spider-Man webshot with no prompting from me. I wonder if this costume will make it to Halloween?