Friday, March 07, 2008

Spykiller page

New page from Spykiller Art: Marcelo Salaza, Inks: Kal J Moon, Tones:Lorde Lobo. This book is coming together very quickly and very nicely. The guys are doing a great job and I think I'll get an outside letterer before I take a crack at it. Though I usually like to do my final edit as I letter. If I can't find someone to my liking I'll bang out the letters quickly. Something tight and sharp to help with the noir feel. I start the second script this weekend.

Speaking of which almost finished up the script for issue 11 of AZ and the super secret project I am working on has the first issue complete and I'll be starting the second soon enough. When I can say more I'll be sure to post about it.

Issue 3 is moving along with the lettering and four is be drawn and inked as we speak. Indyplanet should have Issue #2 up shortly as well.