Thursday, March 27, 2008

Animated ramblings

So I finally had some free time and sat down to watch the numerous animated shows and movies that I have been meaning to watch for quite a while now. the first one I threw in the DVD player was Justice League New Frontier which was based on the comic of the same name. And let me tell you they did a great job with this from the artwork to actually taking the material seriously this is a great animated film. Placed during the red scare of the 1950's it is the perfect backdrop to really highlight each of the characters. Batman is done wonderfully with Jeremy Sisto doing some truly awesome voice work. And its nice to see Hal Jordan making a comeback instead of using Kyle or John Stewart. I liked it.

Next we had Doomsday which ties heroically to make the death of superman story worth a damn. Which anyone who read it knows is a chore and a half. The main problem with this is of course a big part of the original problem of the character of Doomsday is extremely weak and basically just shows up for the fight and then is gone. Then its really just going through the motions to get Supes back with longer hair of course just like the 90's version of him. Didn't care for Anne Heche as the voice of Lois she is just to grating. Adam Baldwin was fine as Superman. I did like that they made Lex more similar to his silver age counterpart. A genius with huge ambitions and they folded the corporate tycoon thing in as well. I always felt they took away the genius thing to easily from Lex. that is one of the things I always liked about he and Superman fighting. That in the end Lex may have very well been smarter then Supes. So it was nice to see that dynamic in play once again. End result the movie was okay.

Next I checked out The Batman Lost Heroes. Yet another alien invasion is coming to destroy the DC Universe and here is the Justice League to stop them. Never really took to this version of The Batman but still feel they've done a decent job with the character. Have found it more interesting since they introduced the League. The character interaction was good really liked Green Arrow who seems to be having a bit of a renaissance in all media lately. Other then that I thought the story was a little laborous and the wrap up a bit too quick. It was ehh.

And last but not least is the Spectacular Spider-Man, which I am glad someone is finally doing a new Spidey cartoon. I really feel Spidey has never had a defining cartoon like Batman TAS or the Fleischer Superman. I am digging the look of the series though I think Aunt May looks a little young except for the grey hair. Otherwise the look is a great start for this new show. My nitpicks so far revolve around the characterization of Peter. I know they are trying to keep the character fresh but the wisecracking seems to come off more mean spirited then him being nervous and over compensating. At times he comes across like a punk. Now I know the show is new and I think overall it has a done a good job but I do hope thats something they work on. And they are doing a great deal of laying ground work with showing Flint Marko before he becomes Sandman and talking about MJ like they did in the comic before she showed up. I think this could really be a great show. I'm sure they'll iron out the bugs and hopefully this will be the best Spidey yet. I like it.

Now one last thing would someone please write a memo that you don't have to have an alien invasion to get a super team together. Justice League, Avengers and all the more. I mean you are making an animated movie about super heroes for god sake. Just use super villains. I know they say it'll be cheesy or they cant tell a good story but come on!!! I would much rather see the Justice League take on the Legion of Doom then some nameless alien menace. And as for the Avengers heel at least use the Skrulls as the bad guys. No instead they use some cheesy race we'll never see again and why because it was in the Ultimates. Well then tell the story and don't make Captain America such a weak damn character! And could someone also tell the producers we are keen on seeing some other superheroes get tv shows besides Supes, Bats and Spidey. I mean what about Green Lantern or Captain Marvel? I choose not to mention the horror that was the last Fantastic Four cartoon.
Now why can't we get this tv show. This is from Matt Humphreys blog check it out.