Sunday, March 15, 2009

Superhero shilling

When I talk to other creators we often find ourselves discussing what path comics in general will take in the future. Most agree that it'll find a true home online and in the mobile world. Maybe even amazon will get on board and make a kindle that can display comic books. But I think one thing we tend to miss is good old fashioned marketing. If you take a look over at cisco you'll find they have Mike Mayhew doing a new webcomic for them that ties into their different types of infrastructure. It is presented semi animated that are all the rage now such as Invincible and Watchmen, motion comics. This goes back to the days of superheroes and comics in general shilling for all kinds of companies.

It got me thinking about all the old ads they use to run with heroes shilling for different companies. So I found a bunch of them online and have them here for you guys to check out. It really seems like superheroes loves to eat twinkies and other junk food.