Monday, January 12, 2009

Football, Alcohol and friends.....

Well the game went horribly as anyone who tuned in saw. Giants were terrible and just blew a perfeclty good season in the most terrible of ways. The Eagles just wanted it more and had a chip on their shoulder the G-men couldnt stack up. Most of the interest on my part had to do with watching drunk eagles and Ginats fans fight with one another and get thrown out of the game. Clueless twits this is why I don't want to bring my kid to games. because it has turned into not a family affair but a bunch of drunk guys showing how tough they and their team is.....right. Good to see my friends and get to hang out, does make me remember why I left North Jersey.

Lets see between the four of us who went. One got punched, one got tackled and one walked home. Yup you heard me walked! And he lives in Hoboken, he got a ride eventually. :)

Tomorrow its back to talking about comics and Adam Zero.


Scott Godlewski said...

Sorry about the Giants. You're rooting for the Cards to punch the Eagles in the face now, right?

Marc Fletcher said...

You know it!!!!! Go CARDS!!!!!!!