Saturday, December 06, 2008

Battle of the Attic part 3

Well it's been decided that our new home will be playing host to the family Christmas eve activities. Which I am all for and pretty psyched about. But this means that a couple of things need to be done quickly to have the house up to par. Such as clearing out the bins and boxes cluttering up the kitchen while we get hvac work done. So this could mean only one thing.....I had to go back in the attic.

So that's what I did for a good part of the afternoon and last night. Moving boxes in and out maneuvering them around to try and get the maximum amount of room. All the while avoiding beams and plywood floors that tend not to stay down. I had the little monkey holding the stairs because she wanted to help while I moved things up and down. When I would get enough up I would rearrange to conserve space. But as I did this I failed to realize something. I actually worked myself into a corner and I mean that literally. There I was in the corner of my plywood end of the attic with boxes and bins all around me and no way out. I considered my options of just living out my days here as I could not believe I had actually been this foolish. But I then decided that it would mean the attic had won our battle of wills. So I set to work getting myself out of my predicament. I did this knowing that I of course would have to be replacing all of these boxes and bins all over again this time without boxing myself in. But yet again this wood cell has found a way to confound and annoy me. Perhaps I should just seal it off and never venture here again....