Monday, May 19, 2008

Issue 4 colored pages

Here are some colored pages from issue 4 of Adam Zero. There has been a slight delay with Issue three as we are going to wait to add in the Marshal Tyme short for the backup. But it should still be avaiable for sale next month. Then Marshal Tyme goes on the break I've been mentioning for awhile now. And he'll be replaced by a new character who I've been posting some shots of, The Black Heron. A superhero short that has a mystery edge to it.
Also some fun news on the Marshal Tyme front as he'll be getting new adventures down the line and at least one will be written by Marshal Tyme colorist Anthony Lee. Not as though he has enough on his plate with all the great work he pumps out. But he has taken on the task of writing a new short for us as well.


Kong said...

Wow these look cool man! I read you bought a house nice... Hopefully soon you'll be paying the mortgage with your writing of Adam Zero!